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Do you patch test ?

Why is patch testing so grey in our industry ? Well it seems that because each manufacturer and insurance company have their own ideas about it there is lots of confusion ! Here are my thoughts.

It would be best practice to patch test every new client this way you have covered your back. If a client then has a reaction to the products you have used then you have done everything you can. If a client reacts and a patch test has not been done then you as an artist would have the finger of blame pointed at you.

The reasons why its a grey area is because of these simple theories there are many more but ill list a few of my favourite ones

1. The adhesive should never touch the skin

2. How many products have you used ? so here is a funny one when i am lashing i cleanse my clients eyes, i use a primer, i use some form of under eye pad / i use adhesive so can i actually tell by doing a patch test which of all these products my client has reacted to ? the answer is NO.

3. By doing a patch test will your client come into contact with the product for a long enough period of time to have a reaction ? Usually a cyanoacrylate allergy occurs with time of contact with the product so is a patch test long enough to be in contact ?

So understandably some companies say that you shouldn't have to patch test for these reasons among many others.

However there is that massive finger of blame that if you did not

perform a patch test on your client then are you to blame ? what do you think ?

Heres how i would patch test and its not as big of a pain as you think..........

Patch test every new client and record the test on a card filled out in pen with your clients signature to say that they have been patch tested. They could also sign a disclaimer to say that they have refused a patch test and are willing to go ahead with their treatment without one. Once a client has been patch tested and is wearing lashes then they are constantly patch tested.

If a client has a break or only has their lashes done for special occasions then i would patch test them each time.

Always check the manufacturers guidelines and your insurance company to see what their patch testing policy is.

Hope this has helped you decide what you want to do

Love Rebecca xxx

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