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In the long run we will all do better if we help each other

When women support one another we all rise ! Wether you are at the top or just starting out if we all come together and help one another we will succeed !
We are super women.
Balancing family a home and a job can be hard we all know but every day we get up and do it and succeed but we can’t do that with out the help of others around us. Those who taught us our trade or helped birth our children we actually all allready work together.
Dont look at the competition in a bad light it only affects you ! Not the person your looking at, instead admire their bravery & courage for taking the step that they have chosen.
Someone said to me “your not going to train lash technicians in your area are you ? That would be bad for Buisness” My answer is YES I am I’m going to give them the best training I can and watch them progress and be with them every single step of the way. Truth is your client comes to you for you because they like you and the services you offer. Competition is healthy it keeps you on your toes.
Adding to my long list of things I do I’m am now going to start interviewing women monthly who empower & inspire me.

Keep your eyes peeled my Queens !


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