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Lower Lashes

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The Lower Lash Application

I see lots of beautiful lashes on Social Media, but why are only a few people offering lower lashes ?

Offering lower lashes to your clients will maximise your earning potentials. Here at the academy we offer all our lash clients lowers too it takes around 20 minutes after your lash treatment and your client can finally say goodbye to those mascara marks.

Rebecca says “ the easiest way for me to do the lower lash application is open eyed therefore you need to use an adhesive / glue that is weaker than the one you choose to do the upper lashes with. Lower lashes are more sparse than the uppers so typically you would have to do a full set every time your client returns for maintenance. She can finally say goodbye to those mascara marks !"

Head over to our Lower Lash Tutorial in the Online Academy section to download your lower lash application video. We have made it really simple for you to follow.

Dont have any weaker adhesive ? We have you covered ! Head over to the shop

Happy Lashing

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