Tips & Tools Of The Trade

It seems that more and more lash techs need a little help every now and again. If you do a lash course that doesn't cover everything you need to know and feel like you are on your own we have a friendly FB support group for you just follow the link to join.

Rebecca is always answering how to questions from lash techs so we have carefully designed and put together an online tutorial to give you lots of helpful tips to help you along the way. It includes grey areas, what not to do, lash mapping, how to take care of your adhesive / glue, how to clean your tweezers, good retention and much much more. Head over to our online academy to learn more.

" I am inspired by our industry and am always learning more from amazing leaders and lash techs. I want to pass on the knowledge I have to anyone who thinks that they need it"

Join our growing community we will do everything we can to keep passing on our knowledge we hope you will be a part of it !

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