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  • Can I bring my child into the academy ?
    There is a strict no children under 12 policy here at the academy.
  • What payments do you take ?
    We take the following payments: Card Cash Bank Transfer Paypal Stripe
  • Do I need a patch test ?
    Patch testing is required for the following treatments: Lash Tint Brow Tint Lash Extensions You can opt to not have a patch test if a disclaimer is signed
  • Can I get a refund for a booking fee ?
    If you cancel your appointment / training in due time and a replacement can be made then yes your booking fee will be refunded. If a replacement can not be found and the acadmey suffers a loss then unfortunately your booking fee is non refundable.
  • Im pregnant can I have my lashes done ?
    Unfortunately pregnant ladies are not lashed in the academy
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